Vessels built in Amlwch

The ship yards of Treweek and William Thomas produced many vessels in the C19th. They started with the repair of sailing vessels such as the Hero but later built both wooden and steel sailing and steam ships.

Gaelic built at Amlwch port 1898

Mersey on stocks

Detlef Wagner 1891

Cenric on stocks 1905

Vessels built in Amlwch

BuiltNameTonesByRigBroughtOwned byMaster/Fate/Notes
1788Lovely76BrigCapt William Botham
1788Nancy15SloopCapt R.Griffiths
1825Unity68N.TreweekSloop1825N.TreweekCapt Robert Jones
1826Marquis of Anglesey65N.TreweekSloop1826N.TreweekCapt Hugh Thomas. .
1827Margaret43N.TreweekSloop1827N.TreweekCapt John Williams
1829Eleanor17N.TreweekSmack1829N.TreweekCapt G.Jones
1830James and Jane130Treweek BrosB’ntine1830N.TreweekCapt John Hughes
1832Amlwch Packet37Treweek BrosSmack/schooner?1832N.Treweek… T.Jones of BangorCapt Griffith Jones. Wrecked Abererch 14th October 1881
1834Sarah18Treweek BrosSmack1834N.TreweekCapt J.Jones
1836Cymraes22Treweek BrosSloop1836N.TreweekCapt Thomas Hughes
1836Jane and Margaret56Treweek BrosSloop1832N.TreweekCapt Wm Roberts
1839Marianne53Treweek BrosSloop1839N.TreweekCapt Thos Hughes
1839Mary Owen53N.TreweekSchnr
1840Economy60Treweek BrosSchn1840N.TreweekCapt R.Jones. 
1844Cymro20N.TreweekSmack1844N.TreweekCapt Owen Williams
1844Cymro20TreweekSchooner1863W.Thomas, Owen Owens, William Williams, foundaryLost April 8th 1868
1858Alliance76Treweek & CoSchoonerPalmer & CoCapt T.Owen
1858Mary Catherine77Hughes & CoI.SchnrJones& Co AmlwchCapt J.German  First iron ship built at Amlwch by William Thomas in 1858 on the western side of the port. The owners were Jones and Company, Amlwch. Captain John German.
1859Charles Edwin94Paynter
1859Grace Evans90Treweek & CoI SchnrN.Treweek, W.Thomas, Grace Evans, E.Morgan etc.Capt J. Price The first two-masted iron schooner was launched from Treweeks yard in October 1859 with Nicolas Treweek ,William Thomas , Grace Evans and Edward Morgan,tobaconist each having ¼ share in her.
1862Sea Queen82Treweek & CoSchoonerN.Treweek 40Lost Rhosneigr 1861
1864Price of Wales99Iron SchooerCaptain Robert “Princess”
1865Jane Gray124PaynterSchoonerSunk by enemy action 1915.
1869Welsh Girl99ThomasSchooner1870W.Thomas, W.Thomas, LivCapts. T.Jones, J.FarrellLost 21st March 1882
1870Lewis and Mary70ThomasSchooner1870W.Thomas, E.PritchardCapt E.Pritchard. Sailed from Antwerp for Greenock in 1874 and was lost at sea.
1871Charles48PaynterFor Charles Dyer the Parys mine agent.
1872Holy Wath99ThomasSchooner1872Morgan & Co Whitehaven 1875Built at Amlwch in 1872 by Captain Thomas for William Morgan of Cumberland.
1874Cumberland Lassie208ThomasBgntine1874W.PostlethwaiteCapt P.Hodgson. For William Postethwaite of Cumberland. She was the largest ship yet built at Amlwch.( 1874) She carried coal to Dover for many years.Wrecked Start Point Jan 1918
1875Mersey (L’pool Pilot Boat no 11)79ThomasSchooner1875Capt R.Williams. Sank near Bar Lightship Dec 2nd 1885
1876Baron Hill209ThomasBgntine1876W.PostlethwaiteCapt J.Hughes A larger version of the Cumberland Lassie
1876Lady Neave89ThomasSchooner1876W.Thomas, W.Owen, I.JonesCapt I.Jones. served in the coastal trade until sunk in a collision in July 1911 near South Stack.
1877Nant Glyn103Thomaswood SchoonerT.Jones and T.JonesLost all hands in October 1881.
1878Eilian Hill99ThomasSchooner1878W.Thomas, L.Hughes etcBuilt by Thomas with Charles Henry Hills as joint owner. In December 1882 she foundered off Penzance after colliding with SS Equist.
1878Nesta104ThomasSchooner1878S.R.Platt, OldhamCapt J.Hughes. Sold in 1891 to W.Pritchard Portmadoc
1879Glyndwr26ThomasSmack1879W.ThomasCapt W.Williams. Lengthened 1882.she carried various cargos alone the North Wales Coast. Went ashore near Point Lynas may 1883. Wrecked near Hoylake 9/1/1886.
1879Margaret72ThomasSchooner1879W.ThomasCapt J.Thomas
1880Pearl100ThomasSchooner1880T.Fanning EvansCapt W.Lewis. Sold to Conah’s Quay 1890
1881President Garfield48ThomasSchooner1881W.Thomas jnrSold in 1897 to Cornish owners.
1883W.S.Caine74ThomasI.Dandy Stmr1883W.Thomas, then W.Thomas Liv then Manchester, Liverpool and N.Wales SS.CoCapt L.Thomas  First Iron screw steamer to be built at Amlwch  by Thomas she was 180 tonnes and was built for a contract price of £5000 in 1883.
1884Anglesey158ThomasKetchSmall iron screw 
1884Exchange292ThomasI.stmr1884W.Thomas & Co, LivCapt A.Grant. Captain Thomas Davies in 1900.
1885Anglesea149ThomasI.stmr1885W.Thomas. L.Thomas, Bilbao owners in 1894Capt W.Gibbon
1885Camborne108W.Cox -Paynter3 SchnrCapt T.Morgan.1914? Sold to Swansea. (Hugh Shaw tells story in “Schooner Captain”)
1885Elizabeth Peers183ThomasI.Schnr1885W.PostlethwaiteCapt E.J.Peers
1887Gelert223ThomasI.Schnr1887W.Thomas, L.ThomasWrecked Catalinita Is 26th April 1890.
1889Eilian116ThomasSchooner1889W.Thomas & Sons, R.GriffithsSank 6th July 1899 after a collision with SS Afrique off St Catherines Point.
1890Prince Ja Ja271ThomasS. Screw 3 mast1890Liverpool and Menai Strait SS co LtdCapt J.Richardson Spent many years in the Menai Straits carrying miscellaneous goods for shop keepers.
1891Cygnus355ThomasI.Screw Stm1891R.J.Francis and A.EvansCapt J.T.Francis
1891Detlef Wagner225ThomasI.Screw Bkn1891H.BaumannA well known European vessel. She was sunk by a submarine in 1917. She was named after her owner, a ship broker in Hamburg.
1892Ailsie98Paynter3 SchnrPlatts of OldhamCapt John Hughes. Managers at Llanfairfechan
1892Maggie Williams226ThomasI.Schnr1892W.PostlethwaiteCapt W.Williams
1893Cymric226ThomasI.Bkn1893W.Thomas & SonsCapt R.Jones
1894Celtic224ThomasI.Schnr1894W.Thomas & Sons, W.Renney Conahs QuayCapt J.Hughes
1898Gaelic224ThomasI.Bkn1898W.Thomas Jnr, L.Thomas, J.WilliamsCapt I.Williams. Sold to Conah’s Quay 1920
1904Becca & maryHugh Jonesfor the Duddon Shipbuilding company in 1904.
1904Elizabeth Roberts134ThomasS.Schnr1904E.O.Roberts LiverpoolCapt E.A.Nielson
1904Meyric253ThomasS.Schnr1904W.Thomas & SonsCapt W.B.Williams
1905CenricThomasSteel SchoonerW.Thomas & SonsCapt M.Parry. Not heard of since leaving Twillingate Nfl 1906
1908Eilian140ThomasS.Schnr, aux1908W.Thomas & SonsCapt H.Hughes
Donald and DorisPaynterSchoonerHodborrow Mining CoCapts Wynn and Jones.For the Hodbarrow mining company.
EilianusThomasSteam vessel wrecked off Cornish coast.