Anglesey mining

Parys mountain has been mined for Copper since the bronze age period. Large
scale copper mining was abandoned in the later 1890s due to increasing costs.

Since that time a number of companies have continued to explore the possibility of reopening the mine.
The latest of these is Anglesey Mining PLC. In the 1980 they opened a new shaft and erected a head frame on the mountain to explore for “poly metallic ore”. This is ore containing mainly Zinc and copper but with a small amount of silver and gold included in it.
The ore was raised and separated by new floatation techniques at an onsite pilot plant. Since the 1980s the company has been involved in further exploration to define and secure the ore base and has been waiting for an upturn in world metal prices which would make a new mine an economic attraction.
In 2007 the company entered negotiations with Western Metals from Australia which could see further expansion and development of the testing and the eventually opening of a new ore mine with up to 150 jobs. However, the recession which started soon after meant that the deal fell through
In 2018 the company started to look at new option for developments and these can be seen on the company’s web site:-