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Diflucan is used for treating and preventing certain yeast and fungal infections.

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Where can i buy diflucan over the counter ? I'm on my 2nd or 3rd round of diflucan. I've tried it in my nose, eyes, and throat (all have minor irritation). Can anyone tell me where to purchase this or any other drugs that might be related to diflucan? Is anything out there without a prescription for diflucan? Do you think this stuff should just be treated like an antihistamine? Thanks anon132851 Post 17 i took 100mg of diflucan last night. My wife gave her a bottle of diflucan. I got an idea that may help my headache now. She took the diflucan and then had a cold remedy and said the helps. But as soon she took it gave her headache. Do you think it really is diflucan? anon127096 Post 16 i just took a 10mg dose of diflucan last night and it did not do a thing to relieve the pain in my face or inside where nose is supposed to be. it was just so irritating. anon124791 Post 15 The diflu is no good for a cold. anon122153 Post 14 I took a 10mg tablet where can i buy diflucan one of diflucan and had a fever of 104F (39.9 C). I'm fine now and sure you are too. anon104909 Post 13 i just took a 10mg dose of diflucan for a cold and it is doing nothing. i'm not going to take more since it can be generic viagra canada pharmacy bad for Diflu 120 Pills 20mg $270 - $2.25 Per pill my body. anon99002 Post 12 i took a 10 mg dose of diflucan last night and had a nasty headache. the relief from rest of symptoms lasted around 6 hours after the diflucan. now, is there a way to take diflucan on its own to alleviate the common cold symptoms without headache??? anon96623 Post 10 Thanks, it sounds like the diflucan isn't any better than a cup of coffee! I always take a cup of hot water and sugar to stay well that helps. anon95935 Post 8 I think taking a lot of coffee or tea, just a teaspoon at time, before taking diflucan will help. Also the should last about first hour to two hours or so. You do not want to swallow it, at least not right away. anon87707 Post 6 I have just taken my third dose of diflucan. Today I took the 10mg for common cold and I have no.

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