Ship Wrecks



The seas around Amlwch and the North Coast of Anglesey are very dangerous to shipping. There are a number of small islands and hidden rocks which can create problems. In addition strong currents and an onshore wind can give all sorts of problems to sail ships.  Over the years there have been many ship wrecks in the area.

Two wrecks close to Amlwch were Blackrock and Dakota.

The Black rock was one of a number of second hand Scottish built steamers acquired by the Thomas family. She had been raised after being sunk by a steamer Balniel close to Liverpool bar. She was brought to Amlwch, stripped down and modified. While in the dry dock a violent storm caused her to crash through the lock gates. She demolished the lighthouse pier and totally blocked the harbour entrance. Following a refit she was renamed the Eleth after the patron saint of Amlwch.


The SS Dakota was built by Palmer's shipbuilding company at Newcastle upon Tyne in 1874. She was 4332 gross tons with an iron hull fitted with a 2 cylinder compound engine and aft screw.

The SS Dakota which belonged to the Liverpool and Great Western Steam Ship Company Liverpool was wrecked on the East Mouse, near Amlwch on 9th May 1877. This 4,332 ton Liverpool passenger liner was sailing for New York in calm weather some two miles off shore, when the 4th officer ordered a change of direction to take here further out to sea. For some reason she turned in the opposite direction and hit rock just in shore of the east mouse. All of her 109 passengers and much of the cargo were saved by Bull bay lifeboat Elenor. The ship sank and is still used by divers who bring up pottery some of which is displayed in the sail loft.

The Manifest of the S.S.Dakota when she sank:-
12.5t-tin ingots
1 bx-sadlery

Manifest list produced by Terry Stoker (


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