Aims and Objectives



To conserve the industrial and natural landscapes of Mynydd Parys, Dyffryn Adda and Porth Amlwch, whilst recognising the legal rights and reasonable expectations of the landowners and occupiers


To consolidate or restore historical features and sites.


To promote knowledge and understanding of local industrial, social and natural history through the fostering of scientific and historical research, and the dissemination of knowledge so gained through the publication of learned papers, etc..


To provide a forum in which all of those having an interest in the designated sites may express their views concerning their management, development and conservation.


To develop sites to the benefit of the local community and to nurture pride in its industrial heritage.


To encourage community participation in the work of the Trust, and to facilitate public access to, and enjoyment of, the designated sites.


To seek funding towards the realisation of the Trust’s aims and objectives.